Sven turned Sweden into a Christmas card

Sweden is a country that is fortunately spared from major natural disasters: no earthquakes, rarely any serious floodings, only occasional hard winds or storms that now and then hit the country. The latest in line was Sven who paid us a visit this weekend. Not only did he dump “tons” of snow that turned the whole country into a giant Christmas card, he also caused big chaos on the roads as well as extensive damages to the forests with many fallen trees.

Well, all that is history now and we are instead enjoying the snow that brightens up our lives if only for a few days. According to the weather forecast the snow might be gone again by tomorrow.

Skesta hage, snow 3_redigerad-1

Skesta hage 4

Skesta hage, snow 2

Skesta hage, snow 1a

Skesta hage snow 5

Skesta hage, snow 6

Skesta hage, snow 7