Curious mink

This cute and curious mink was captured by Roffe when bird watching at Glommens sten on the west coast of Sweden.





Catch as catch can

A couple of weeks ago Roffe was off on a trip to the West Coast to watch migratory seabirds when he managed to capture this rather “fishy” fight for food between a cormorant and a herring gull.

A cormorant’s got a pretty decent catch which is immediately noticed by a sharp-eyed herring gull.

1 The cormorant cathes a fish

The herring gull manages to snatch the fish but is attacked by other herring gulls and loses its prey.


The cormorant hopes for a second chance….

5 Herring gull 4

…. but once again the gull is one step ahead.

6 Herring gull 5

8 Herring gull 10

But grasping all means often the risk of losing all.

9 Herring gull 11

10 Herring gull 12

Yes! I gotcha!

11 Herring gull 13