About us

Meggie & RoffeHi, we are Meggie and Roffe, a Swedish couple living in Stockholm, sharing a mutual passion for the wildlife and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, bird watching etc. Roffe, a photographer by profession, is the one behind the camera most of the time and Meggie will do the commenting, when necessary.

Sweden, the land of the midnight sun, has a rich and varied wildlife as well as a wealth of flora and aquatic life. Due to the unique Right of Public Access (allemansrätten), the Swedish nature is something that can be shared by everyone. This right allows anyone to roam freely in the countryside, pick mushrooms and berries in the forest, hike, swim and travel by boat in someone else’s land or waters. But this privilege also requires respect and responsibility, and as long as no damage is caused to cultivated land or you interfere with or destroy life in the wild, this means that most of Sweden’s nature is yours to explore.

So welcome to tag along on a walk on the wild side!


14 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thank you Meggie and Roffe for subscribing to my blog. I agree we seem to view nature with the same appreciation and admiration. I look forward to many more great pictures and posts from you.

  2. Hi Meggie and Roffe, I’m working on a post about the often-overlooked beauty of winter and would like to use two of your photos (from “the never-ending snow) that capture so well the beauty that is there to be seen if we take the time to look. Would it be okay if I use them and credit your blog, of course!

  3. Hej! Vilken bra bild på kanonen vid fyren, är det okey om jag lägger bilden på min hemsida? Jag skriver givetvis att Maggie är fotograf /// Hey! What a great picture of the cannon at the lighthouse, is it okay if I put the picture on my website? I write, of course, that Maggie is the photographer

      1. Kaj Eriksson

        Tusen tack! Jag har länkat. Bilden finns här: http://kaj.timekiller.net/?p=1218


        2016-02-15 17:51 GMT+01:00 Take a walk on the wild side :

        > Meggie and Roffe commented: “Hej! Kul att du gillade kanonen på Navaro…, > jag menar Landsort. Det är helt ok att använda den, men skicka gärna en > länk till din sida när det är klart.” >

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