A northern hawk owl and its prey

Hawk owl

Yesterday’s mission was to find and catch a glimpse of the hawk owl that was reported seen in the area. After two kilometers walk we reached the old barn where the owl was last seen, and we decided to give it two hours to appear.

It didn’t take long, though, until it swept down from the blue sky and landed on the roof ridge.

Hawk owl on the roof

Gazing and preening in the sun for about half an hour, then it suddenly made a head-first dive down into the rough grass and disappeared.

Slowly and cautiously, we approached the place where it had landed. The owl lay still, half hidden in the grass and didn’t seem to notice our presence until the camera began clicking.

Hawk owl in the grass kopiera

The sound was obviously annoying and after less than a minute it got tired of the photographer interfering with its meal, and took off with the prey in its claws, probably a mouse or a vole.

Hawk owl with mouse


Hawk owl with mouse2 kopiera


Hawk owl with mouse3 kopiera



Hawk owl

Hawk owl 1

Hawk owl 2

These photos of a hawk owl was taken last week when it was still possible to go for easy forestry walks and the dream of a sunny weekend with long-distance skating on black, shiny ice in the archipelago was still living. That was before a “snow cannon” hit the Stockholm area and drenched us all in snow. The word “snow cannon” (snökanon) is a new expression that suddenly popped up in the weather reports around Christmas time and which now seems to be the latest trend among Swedish meteorologists to use when describing a heavy snowfall. “A snow cannon will hit Stockholm later this afternoon” or “A snow cannon is on its way from Scotland and will reach the west coast of Sweden…..” a s o. At least I hadn’t heard the term used in this context before.

I don’t mind the snow, but…… When we leave home in the morning it’s all white and serene and by the time we reach the City this white virginity has turned into dirt and slush. And that my “fancy” city boots don’t fancy at all! And as if this weren’t enough it might very well be that today’s wet, slushy streets may have turned into leg breaking ice tomorrow.


Snow in the village

So instead of whining about the weather we lean back for a while and dream about what lies ahead of us in a few , well three, four, months – days like these in our summer paradise.


Red kayak