The midnight sun will never set

Yes, we know, this is just yet another of all these kitschy pictures of overrated sunsets, but still this is what it looked like at the neighboring lake late last night. Despite the fact that we have passed the summer solstice the midnight sun still rules around the arctic circle, and even we who live further south can still benefit from and enjoy long, bright evenings for another couple of weeks. Even though the sun sets for a few hours it never gets completely dark, it’s more like a magical twilight.

Sunset over Lake Hennan
So please, try to look beyond the “kitsch” and sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful – and suitable – ballad “The midnight sun will never set”. It was written by Quincy Jones when he was on a brief visit to Stockholm in the late fifties to write music for a performance with the Harry Arnold Radio Band. It is said that he wrote the music in the taxi just before the show and it was performed that same evening by Arne Domnérus, Sweden’s greatest alto saxophonist.

The Midnight Sun Will Never Set by Quincy Jones, performed by Arne Domnérus


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