Yellow lady slippers and a bear encounter

We have now escaped to the country and our little log cabin where we’ll spend the rest of the summer. After a week of scrubbing and cleaning inside the house and organizing plants and seedlings outside we were finally ready for our first “walk on the wild side”.

It was a 200 kilometers round-trip by car (and guide) to a very secret growing place for Yellow lady slippers, a plant that has become rare and close to extinction, due to an ever shrinking natural habitat and overcollection, despite the plant is protected by law. We had to solemnly promise not to reveal the location, so we can’t give a hint about where to find these flowers. Sorry!

Yellow lady slipper
Yellow lady slipper

Yesterday evening we had another rare experience on our way to “our” marshland to check the outcome of cloudberries (aka knotberries or evrons) this summer.

While driving the car Roffe suddenly spotted a bear among the trees by the roadside. It turned out that she had three little cubs of which two were playing in the bushes on the opposite side of the road and a third one had climbed up a tree from which he fell down when Mother Bear got a little excited and yelled at him.

Actually, we all were a bit excited. Mother Bear running back and forth across the road hurrying and gathering her little ones and we in the car, strapped by the seat belt and unable to find the camera quickly enough, and when we finally did too many trees blocked our view.

It was a great moment though, just sitting there and watch the four of them slowly lumbering away through the wood.

Spreading the news about the bears we now know that we’ll have the clouberries to ourselves this summer.



5 thoughts on “Yellow lady slippers and a bear encounter

  1. I should have added that not being able to get at the camera in a hurry is a heavy penalty to pay for wearing seatbelts as I have found myself on more than one occasion (but never for a bear)……but safety first.

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