Paris – part II

swedish_flagJust for your information, today it is Sweden’s National Day. Since 1916, June 6 has been celebrated as Swedish Flag Day. In 1983 this day finally became the National Day and from 2005 it’s a public holiday. So it is a fairly young tradition and the celebration is far from that in Norway on May 17th, 4th of July in the US or July 14th in France.







Two football giants (soccer that is) side by side, and none of them French! One just retired and one still at his peak.


Sweden is a very secular nation and we both belong to the 75 % of the population with no real relationship to the church. Nevertheless, we like to visit old churches when we are traveling, enjoying the beauty and serenity of the church room.

A visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral thought ended already outside the entrance where we were met by quite a stir with police, fire brigades, TV reporters and crowds of visitors. We soon found out that a right-wing historian and activist had tragically just killed himself in front of the altar in protest against the newly adopted law legalising gay marriages.


So we continued to another grand building, the Madeleine Church which we hadn’t visited before.


Alexandra is the name of one of our daughters in law and of course we had to stop for an espresso at the café that carried her name. And a soupe à l’oignon for lunch was a must too.


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