Paris – part I

Monets trädgård - Bron  baksida

We have just returned from a few days trip to Paris, hoping to finally meet the real spring. But no way, 8, 9 degrees and constant rain most of the time. Fortunately though we had one day of decent weather and we decided to visite the impressionist painter Claude Monet’s garden in Giveny.

We took an early train to Vernon 80 km outside Paris and then walked 5 km along an ancient railroad to the village Giveny and then another couple of kilometers through the village to the garden. Having to wait in line for an hour to get in almost made us give up though and go back to Paris.


We strolled through the Flower garden with its flower beds resplendent like a color palette.


and then on to the Water garden with the water lily pond and Japanese bridge where the sunlight trickled through the flowering wisteria. Surrounded by the overwhelming greenery and stunning water reflections it almost gave us a feeling of walkning inside a Monet painting.


To be continued…….


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