May Day

May Day and Roffe had headed north to our summer cottage for a couple of days, while I brought the bike out of the basement, inflated the tires and along with my friends Kajsa and Ronald set off for the annual spring trip to the Vada Church. In all a ride of about 30 kilometers.


We rode along bumpy and dusty gravel roads, past farms and pastures with beautiful horses.

Kajsa and Ronald biking

Mission completed, we have reached the Vada Church…

Vada church

…and made us well-deserved of a lunch in the sun at the church wall.

By the church wall

The Vada Church was probably built in the late twelfth century and is named after an ancient ford (ford, or wade = vada in Swedish) over the then very important fairway Långhundraleden that runs from the Baltic Sea to the then capital of Uppsala (currently Old Uppsala).

Inside church

Along the road we also found spring’s first pasque flowers, a rather rare plant in our area and protected by law.

pasque flower 3


pasque flower


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