Spring fever or love is in the air

Signs of spring continue to appear, one after another. This past weekend the first wagtail showed up, 10 days late.


Wagtails usually arrive on the same date year after year and in the Stockholm area that tends to be April 4th, but this year the first bird was not reported until April 14th.

We have also spotted the very first wood anemone, even before the hepaticas which is unusual.

Wood anemone
Clearly spring has an aphrodisiac effect on both humans, animals and birds. The sunlight and warm air affect our mood, kick our hormones to ”rock ‘n’ roll” and arouse a lust for life (and other things) again. Some species express this lust in rather violent manners though. This male Canada goose almost drowns his female during the act of love.

Canada goose 1

Canada goose 2

No hard feelings afterwards as it seems.

Canada goose 3


Lapwings – just wondering if they’re trying to “do it” in the air.


Lapwings 2

A grey heron couple working on their nest.

Grey heron couple


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