Easter rhapsody

Back home again after a fabulous Easter holiday in our little cabin up north (in the province of Hälsingland about 400 km north of Stockholm) where we literally have been “walking on sunshine” (to quote Katrina and the Waves). A retreat and hideout that is our very own little Paradise! Gorgeous weather every day, warm and sunny, no winds but very cold nights that contributed to a hard snow crust, comfortably for long walks on the lake.

Bäckesundet ram

Even though the ice was thick and safe enough (about 60-70 centimeters) there were still places with streaming water where we had hoped to find some seabirds, but they didn’t seem to have arrived yet.



I imagine the harsh winter has been tough for both animals and birds and as soon Roffe had opened up his “restaurant” the guests were lining up, birds as well as squirrels and a roebuck. The quality of these two shots are not the best as they are taken throught the window, but they still bring back happy memories.

Kollage roebuck

The crested tit and the blue tit fraternally share the food.

Blue tit and crested tid

A willow tit.

Willow tit with a nut

A black woodpecker.

Black woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker working on a pine cone.



Whether skiing or walking, an outdoor lunch cooked over open fire tastes just as well. This is a charcoal bun served with lingonberry jam (similar to cranberry sauce). No, charcoal buns are not some blackened buns. It is simply a kind of pancake with salted pork or bacon (modern version). Heavy and robust food of the past when loggers, navvies, charcoal-burners and log-floaters had to work away from home for months under primitive conditions. This was food that contained few and sustainable ingredients, flour, water and salted pork and was baked in pork grease in a cast iron pan over open fire.

Charcoal buns on the ice


Well, short is that happiness that lasts for ever. Time to return home!

svart ram


2 thoughts on “Easter rhapsody

    1. Yes, we really had a great Easter, all five days (I’m including Maundy Thursdagy as it is an unofficial half holiday in Sweden)! We are still waiting for spring and tonight more snow will be dumped on us according to the weather forecast. Hardly no migrating birds have arrived yet so we are a little worried how a late spring. will affect their breeding.

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