Just another Sunday….

Winter still keeps Sweden in a tight cold grip, but despite icy winds and freezing temperatures the days are quiet sunny. This last weekend there were many who took the opportunity for perhaps a last tour on skis or skates.



A blue tit appears to have taken a nap while waiting for spring to come …….

Blue tit taking a nap

……..unaware  of what the sparrow hawk in a nearby tree has in mind.




6 thoughts on “Just another Sunday….

  1. That’s the strangest picture of the blue tit. I’ve never seen a bird in that position before. I know hawks have to eat too, but they always look so mean.

  2. Wonderful pictures I love the sleepy bluetit, what a super selection of birds you have at your feeder. Still cold and wet here in UK but hoping Spring is just around the corner!


  3. Yes, aren’t we all longing for Spring now. But probably it still takes a while, here the snow i whirling outside the window right now and temperature is dropping down to -20 C at night time.

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