Top 10 at our bird feeder

Last weekend in January the annual nationwide counting of our birds at 20.300 bird tables took place. It shows that the harsh winter has been particularly difficult for these birds and almost all species have decreased in number. Winner, like every year since the counting started, is the great tit.

Here are this year’s top ten list

Bird counting


6 thoughts on “Top 10 at our bird feeder

    1. Hi Beeseeker,
      Good question, it’s always interesting see if / how this kind of information differs between years. After searching on the internet I finally found the result from last year’s counting. Top three are the same,followed by bullfinch, siskin, yellowhammer, greenfinch, magpie, redpoll and jackcraw. Last year’s siskin and redpoll are this year replaced by the blackbird and house sparrow.
      /All the best M&R

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