Torö Stenstrand

Yippie, I’ve got a new toy to play with, a Nikon Coolpix P510!

Well, to be honest, it´s Roffe who has bought himself a new camera, a compact one with a superzoom to bring along on his excursions when he won’t bothered to carry both giant, heavy telephoto lenses and a large spotting scope. But he has generously promised that I can borrow it whenever I want. So this past Sunday it was time for the big test. We packed our backpacks with warm clothing and lunch and drove down to Torö Stenstrand outside Nynäshamn.

Torö Stenstrand (meaning shingle shore) is a nature reserve consisting of unspoiled countryside / coastline and is the last outpost before the island of Gotland and the Baltic states across the Baltic Sea. Here you have unbroken horizon where the ocean (sea actually) meets the sky and the elements play the leading parts in an ever-changing and never ending spectacle.

This place is regarded as one of Sweden’s best surf spots and a paradise, not only for wind, wave and kite surfers but also for birdwatchers who gather here, especially during spring and autumn, to keep their eyes and ears tuned when thousands of migrant seabirds and others return to, or leave, our coast!

Torö Stenstrand, sonobuoy


Torö Stenstrand, waves
Torö Stenstrand, stones


In the distance, barely visible, is Landsort’s Lighthouse, the southernmost lighthouse in the Stockholm archipelago built in 1658.

Torö Stenstrand, Landsort lighthouse



It was not the best of weather for a field trip. Sleet and rain in the air and strong winds made it freezing cold. And no surfers, birdwatchers or birds. After a quick lunch in the car with Roffe’s ever so delicious egg sandwiches with French mustard and pickled cucumbers we headed down to Alhagen Wetland in Nynäshamn hoping to see the dippers that use to sit by the streaming water or the great gray shrike that had been reported seen here. But nothing, nada to see! Except for this yearling whooper swan.

Whooper swan

The translation of the Swedish name for this swan would be ‘song swan’ and according to that he/she really seems to try to live up to that name!

Whooper swan 2


Whooper head
Whooper among floes


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