Stockholm City by night

Stockholm’s ström (stream)

Flyfishing in the center of Stockholm? Yes, these streaming waters are good for catching salmon and brown trout year round, and no license needed.

Stockholm's ström (stream) by night 1

Stockholm's ström by night 2

The City Hall of Stockholm by architect Ragnar Oestberg. The City Hall Tower is topped by three golden crowns, the Swedish national coat of arms, and rises 106 meters. It also hosts the annual Nobel Prize banquet.

The City Hall of Stockholm

Sergel’s Square

This pedestrian plaza, commonly known as “Plattan” (“The Slab”) is partly overbuilt by a roundabout centred on a fountain and a glass obelisk.

Stockholm Sergel Square


4 thoughts on “Stockholm City by night

    1. Hi,
      The Swedish law concerning handheld fishing equipment means that you have the right to fish with a spinning rod, fly rod, jigging or bait fishing without a permit in Stockholm’s ström and the surrounding Lake Mälaren and Lake Saltsjön.

      Regaring salmon and trout they are stocked in Stockholm’s ström to be caught as they can’t reproduce here.
      As long as new stockings are made each year, there’s no risk the stream will run out of fish.
      Even though the fish is ok to eat most fishers let their catch back into the waters after weighting and photographing it. 🙂

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