Hawk owl

Hawk owl 1

Hawk owl 2

These photos of a hawk owl was taken last week when it was still possible to go for easy forestry walks and the dream of a sunny weekend with long-distance skating on black, shiny ice in the archipelago was still living. That was before a “snow cannon” hit the Stockholm area and drenched us all in snow. The word “snow cannon” (snökanon) is a new expression that suddenly popped up in the weather reports around Christmas time and which now seems to be the latest trend among Swedish meteorologists to use when describing a heavy snowfall. “A snow cannon will hit Stockholm later this afternoon” or “A snow cannon is on its way from Scotland and will reach the west coast of Sweden…..” a s o. At least I hadn’t heard the term used in this context before.

I don’t mind the snow, but…… When we leave home in the morning it’s all white and serene and by the time we reach the City this white virginity has turned into dirt and slush. And that my “fancy” city boots don’t fancy at all! And as if this weren’t enough it might very well be that today’s wet, slushy streets may have turned into leg breaking ice tomorrow.


Snow in the village

So instead of whining about the weather we lean back for a while and dream about what lies ahead of us in a few , well three, four, months – days like these in our summer paradise.


Red kayak



4 thoughts on “Hawk owl

  1. Nice photos, guys. I think we’re all a little weary of winter and dreaming of warm sunny days out doing our favorite things. I’m hearing the birds singing in the morning here, which is truly welcome. The woodpeckers are drumming to attract a mate…so things are definitely looking up here.

    1. Well, it was just the usual whing about the weather, the human being is a difficult creature to please, haha…. I love the real, cold snowy winter, I just don’t like this every second day weather. Snow one day and slush or rain the next and so on. Besides that, I/we are very happy to live in a country where we can really experience and enjoy all four seasons. 🙂

    1. The important thing is the light. With longer days the resident birds start to sing and prepare for mating, snow or no snow. And I think the same goes for us human beings. With the return of light and then the warmth come that tingling sensation of being brought back to life agin. 🙂

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