Feeding wintering seabirds at Strömmen

I doubt that there is any other European capital that can offer such an abundance of wintering seabirds for close encounters to its citizens and visitors as Stockholm; mallards, gulls, swans, coots and goosanders just to mention some.

One of the main attractions this time of year is the daily feeding of waterfowls in Strömmen, the open water area between the Royal Castle and the Opera house. Strömmen means streaming water, here it is the freshwater from Lake Mälaren that flows into the brackish Baltic Sea.

Here are some shots from a well spent hour studying and photographing at the feedingstation in Strömmen.

Herring gull

Herring gull lifting

Herring gull

Herring gull

Black-headed gull in winter plumage preening its feathers, accompanied by a coot.

Gull preening its feathers

Gull, drinking

Fighting mallards

Fighting mallards


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