Skating on natural ice

The last week’s severe cold has helped the waters around Stockholm to freeze and make it possible to experience  the exhilaration of skating on natural ice. So this afternoon it was time to check the skating equipment and take a tour on the ploughed skating lane, a 20 km loop, on the nearby lake.


Skating loop


Frosty forest

Cottage by the lake



7 thoughts on “Skating on natural ice

    1. Hi CZ and thanks for stopping by! Yes, you can reach a decent speed with these. Well-trained skaters do about 25-30 kilometer per hour. But you also have to think “safety”. The speed must be adapted to the thickness and quality of the ice, how well you know it; with a lot of cracks and bumps in the ice you have to be more careful not to fall and that affects the speed too. On the other hand, with the tailwind at your back, you don’t have to skate at all, you just let the wind do the job. Long-distance skating on natural ice is amazing, well worth trying. 🙂

  1. Vicki

    beautiful scenery.. skating on natural ice and out in the open is so very different from a rink. I’m sure you had a wonderful time.

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