Golden eagle and waxwings

Sunday, still another perfect winter day where we were rewarded  with our first sight ever of a golden eagle circling over our heads.

Golden eagleGolden eagle


A flock of waxwings seemed to enjoy the sunny afternoon….


Waxwing 2


……munching juniper berries

Waxwing 3



Waxwing 4



Waxwing 5



10 thoughts on “Golden eagle and waxwings

      1. No a misunderstanding; I should have explained myself better.

        Waxwings are not native to the UK and normally we only get very small numbers in the winter (less than 100 in the whole country). When we get quite a lot come into the country (say a couple of thousand), we call it a “fall of waxwings”. It doesn’t mean the numbers have gone, it means the opposite (the numbers are higher than expected). English is such a strange language!

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