Water rail and dabchick

Seek and thou shalt find – I don’t know if that expression is applicable when it comes to seeking, searching and looking for birds. Anyway, Roffe’s prayers must have been heard; today he finally spotted the long-sought (and long awaited) WATER RAIL! And as if that wasn’t enough, he was also rewarded with the sight of a little grebe or dabchick, for his part the first ever. Not that the dabchick is a particularly rare bird in itself, but it is small and very shy and therefore often difficult to detect.


Water rail

Water rail

Water rail


Little grebe or dabchick




Chaffinch The chaffinch and little robin redbreast are birds we normally don’t see this time of year, but these two must have acclimatized to the Swedish cold and decided to stay instead of migrating south for the winter. Let’s just hope that they will find enough food despite the snow and cold weather.

Kalle rödhake


Eurasian jay

Eurasian jay


Can’t help it, but these peculiar grey herons always make me smile. To me this one looks like something out of a Disney cartoon!

Grey heron Jan


10 thoughts on “Water rail and dabchick

  1. Great to see so many “new” birds(for me). I did recognize the heron as it looks a lot like our Great Blue Heron. Congratulations on spotting the Water Rail, Roffe!

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