Grey Heron

Twice this week Roffe has visited the lake Råstasjön just outside Stockholm hoping to catch sight of the Water Rail which is said to reside the wetlands there; a fairly common but highly secretive bird that’s far more heard than seen. Unfortunately, no luck whatsoever! Instead he was able to document the gathering of 48 Grey Herons that stood freezing on the ice in the cold mix of snow and rain.

Grey heron from the side


Grey heron from behind


Two grey herons


Group of grey herons

We wish all our visitors that have liked and followed our posts since the start earlier this fall a
Happy New Year and all the best for 2013


3 thoughts on “Grey Heron

  1. I see most of the herons are standing on one leg, with the other folded to warm it. Amazing how nature’s creatures are able to cope with the cold. Many years ago, I read a book, Shadowbirds: a quest for rails by William Burt, about the author’s search to find and photograph Virginia rails, if I remember correctly. I recommend this book.

  2. Kaya

    I have never seen a grey heron. It’s interesting bird. Not very charming but very touching.

    Incredible pictures of this unique and touching bird!

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