In search of lost time

Way out of nowhere and beyond the end of the road, we earlier this summer stumbled upon this old and since long abandoned farmstead, now overgrown with trees and brush. At occasions like this my imagination always starts running and the question marks line up. What was life like for those who settled here in the wilderness a couple of hundred years ago? And what made them chose this location, a place where no roads led? Were they enticed by the nearby stream with its waterfalls that would provide water and facilitate the transport of timber. Or was this now shrubby landscape then open and fertile with plenty of graze for the cattle and an opportunity for these people to grow their own food? Anyway, it’s still easy to understand the hardship they must have endured.





Sometime during the course of time the old open fireplace was replaced by a modern iron stove.





When and why was this farm suddenly abandoned? Did the older generation die out without leaving descendants to take over or had the hardship finally taken its toll? Now the windows are broken and the open door blowing in the wind. Still, someone out there seems to watch over the house so much that he/she has given it a new green tin roof.


2 thoughts on “In search of lost time

  1. I really like this post- abandoned houses always have their own kind of magic. It can be creepy, but in this case, it just looks like nature’s claiming back what was hers. Beautiful forest!

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