Siberian Jay safari

After a three hour drive through a landscape wrapped up in a damp, grey blanket we arrived to our night shelter, a large timber lodge north of Sandviken.

Inside the lodge the heat was on with the help of a fire in the huge fireplace.


As soon as we had installed ourselves we were treated to an outdoor dinner (but under the roof) featuring…..

…. charcoal buns with lingonberry jam. Hearty and robust food from the past containing few and sustainable ingredients – flour, water and salted pork – baked in pork grease in a cast iron pan over open fire.


The next morning our guide Anders Ekholm took us to Kittan feeding station, a place well known for its permanent population of Siberian Jay. And we weren’t disappointed! Once we stepped out of the car and began clapping our hands these beautiful birds with their rusty red tails came flying.


We knew sausage is a real favorite among these birds, so a wire basket was baited with a good portion of sausage and hung up on a nearby branch. It didn’t take long until four Siberian Jays took turns at the basket.

Not only the sausage but also bits and pieces of an egg sandwich seemed to be to their liking.


Besides being our guide Anders also had a special mission this morning to ring one or two birds. Trying to catch them a net was erected between two poles. Soon enough a bird was trapped and then quickly and carefully loosened from the net.


A numbered metal ring was fastened around the leg.


After the ringing ordeal the little bird, shaken and tousled, rested a few minutes on a branch before joining the others again.


When being a reflection in a bird’s eye the world stops spinning and for a split second you become one with nature.


2 thoughts on “Siberian Jay safari

  1. adam hudson

    I was looking online at places to see Siberian jay and saw your lovely blog post. My friends and I are going to Vasteras in January and are hoping to see Siberian Jay. Would you mind letting us know where you went, as it would be fantastic to go there and see them?
    thanks very much, and let me wish you a very merry christmas!

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thx for stopping by our blog. The Siberian Jays in our post we saw (and fed) at Kittan Rönnbacken feeding station which is said to be the southernmost location here in Sweden for Siberian Jays. Kittan is situated about 10-20 kilometers (maybe more) north of Sandviken town (and north west of Gävle City). Our advice to you is to contact the offical bird club in Gävle for more information and also some guidance on how to drive to get there. Send them an e-mail on

      Good luck and a merry Christmas to you too 🙂

      Meggie & Roffe

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