Just a teaser

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you all and welcome to the launching of our new blog that’ll take you on a photographic journey through the Swedish nature as the seasons change!

As this is our first post, we’ll give you a teaser of what you might find here if you tag along on a walk on the wild side.  If some of the pictures might seem familiar to anyone, they have been published earlier on our Swedish blogs.


It’s april, nature awakens and the love life is flourishing, so also among birds, and for some the constant fight over a “woman” is on again….

…while others are busy chasing intruders.

The great crane dance at Lake Hornborga

Just as the sun rises thousands of cranes come flying in to the southern part of the lake to eat, dance and mate. A most spectacular performance!

The feeding of a hungry blue tit chick

The loon

Our summer cottage is situated just at the shore of a fairly large lake and from April to the end of September we use to sit on the porch or jetty and watch the life of all the different seabirds that have chosen our lake for the upbringing of their chicks. The most majestic of them all is the loon, with its haunting cry late at night that can really give you the creeps.



One of many species of dragonflies….

…and water striders aka pond skater, almost like a delicate piece of jewelery.



One of these beautiful, autumn coloured mornings while the fog was still slowly lifting Roffe headed out in the boat to take up his nets. This morning he was lucky. He got a big catch, a lavaret of 2 kilos.

Fish scales and drying nets, here turned into two photo still lives.


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